The Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union (Local 838, International Union of Police Associations AFL-CIO) announces its endorsements for Harford County political races.

Harford’s law enforcement deputies hosted a forum on March 22nd where candidates seeking political office in and for Harford County were allowed an opportunity to address several law enforcement groups.

Members of the Deputy Sheriff’s Union then voted in an online poll and the candidates selected for endorsement are listed below.

County Executive: Barry Glassman;

Sheriff: Jeffrey R. Gahler;

County Council President: Patrick Vincenti;

County Council District B: Joe Woods;

County Council District C: Tony “G” Giangiordano;

County Council District D: Jerry Scarborough;

County Council District F: Curtis Beulah;

State’s Attorney: David Ryden;

Circuit Court Judge: Diane Adkins-Tobin, Judge Paul W. Ishak;

State Senate District 7: J.B. Jennings;

State Senate District 34: Bob Cassilly;

State Delegate District 7: Kathy Szeliga, Rick Impallaria, Aaron Penman;

State Delegate District 34A: J.D. Russell, Monica Worrell;

State Delegate District 34B: Walter “Butch” Tilley;

State Delegate District 35B: Teresa Reilly, Andrew Cassilly.

I am pleased that our members are involved in the political process and appreciate the candidates who took the time to address our members at our March 22 meeting.

The members of the Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union endorse these candidates because of their ongoing support of Harford County law enforcement or a commitment from new candidates to do the same. We trust that the candidates we endorsed will continue to sponsor and support legislation that supports public safety objectives.

The Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union represents over 300 active and retired law enforcement deputies.

Michael Montalvo Jr.


Bel Air